Episode 7 – Our LIVE episode

In May of 2016 Active Inquiry held a day long event as part off our two year project ‘SPECT-ACT’


As part of this day long event we recorded a podcast with a live audience with the theme ‘ What now? And how?’

If the theatre is the rehearsal for revolution then what do we do after the event, how do we turn theatre in to change?

We asked this question of a panel of guests; local Labour councillor Nick Gardner, Aberdeen University’s Aileen Ackland, Active Inquiry board member Lynne Clark and of course our very own Gavin Crichton.

We also opened up the conversation to our audience who came up with some great suggestions for actions listed below (regrettably I didn’t get to include all in the recording)


– Do everything possible to make sure that the voices of lived experience are heard by the people who can change policies, laws and attitudes
– Start again
– Invest in health of society rather than drug companies – free access to fitness activities for all
– Create a performance space for regular sharing of these stories (+Bears)
– Empower community members to have a say in funding for services and facilities
– Independence
– Encourage Scottish Parliament (and councils) to change the committee process so that anyone can give their evidence/Story/Opinion during consideration of legislation – Like in NZ
– Collective action – not just the problems of the ‘lead characters’ aim to change culture around value of every person
– Wellness not illness. Social models of health to support people to be what they want to be in supportive inclusive communities. Policy change.

We would love to hear from you on this topic. Do you agree with the audiences suggestions? Have anything to add yourself. Please leave a comment on our wordpress site or Facebook page to join the discussion.


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